RGB/RGBA to RGBP Color Conversion

Converts an image from RGB or RGBA format to RGBP (3 plane RGB) format.


This function can operate with ROI (see Image Regions of Interest).

This function performs conversion from RGB or RGBA image to 3-plane RGB image leaving pixel values unchanged, only changing memory layout from 1 plane 3 or 4 channels depending on source image format to 3 plane 1 channel per plane. In case of RGBA format, alpha channel is ignored and it’s values are lost.




template<formats SrcFormat, typename SrcDataT, typename SrcAllocatorT, typename DstDataT, typename DstAllocatorT>
sycl::event oneapi::ipl::convert(sycl::queue &queue, image<SrcFormat, SrcDataT, SrcAllocatorT> &src, image<formats::rgbp, DstDataT, DstAllocatorT> &dst, const convert_spec<DstDataT> &spec = {}, const std::vector<sycl::event> &dependencies = {})

Function for RGB or RGBA to RGBP (plane rgb) color conversion.

Template Parameters
  • SrcFormat – Source image color format

  • SrcDataT – Source image data type

  • SrcAllocatorT – Source image allocator type

  • DstDataT – Destination image data type

  • DstAllocatorT – Destination image allocator type

  • queue – SYCL queue object

  • src – Source image object

  • dst – Destination image object

  • spec – Specification for convert function

  • dependencies – SYCL event dependencies


SYCL event

Supported values for SrcFormat:




See Parameters of Color Conversion (spec).


compile-time format check

Indicates an error when image format is not supported.

compile-time data type check

Indicates an error when image data type is not supported.

invalid_argument exception

Indicates an error when ROI sizes of the source image and the destination image are not equal.

invalid_argument exception

Indicates an error when one of the pitch values is not divisible by size of component data type in bytes.

The code example below demonstrates how to use the oneapi::ipl::convert for RGBA to RGBP conversion:

// Create queue
sycl::queue queue{};

shared_usm_allocator_t usm_allocator{ queue };

// Source rgba image data (image_image)
image<formats::rgba, std::uint8_t> src_image{ src_data_pointer, src_size };

// Destination rgbp image data (usm_image)
image<formats::rgbp, std::uint8_t> rgbp_image{ src_size, usm_allocator };

(void)convert(queue, src_image, rgbp_image);