oneapi::tbb::concurrent_bounded_queue is a class template for a bounded first-in-first-out data structure that permits multiple threads to concurrently push and pop items.

Class Template Synopsis#

// Defined in header <oneapi/tbb/concurrent_queue.h>

namespace oneapi {
    namespace tbb {

        template <typename T, typename Allocator = cache_aligned_allocator<T>>
        class concurrent_bounded_queue {
            using value_type = T;
            using reference = T&;
            using const_reference = const T&;
            using pointer = typename std::allocator_traits<Allocator>::pointer;
            using const_pointer = typename std::allocator_traits<Allocator>::const_pointer;

            using allocator_type = Allocator;

            using size_type = <implementation-defined signed integer type>;
            using difference_type = <implementation-defined signed integer type>;

            using iterator = <implementation-defined ForwardIterator>;
            using const_iterator = <implementation-defined constant ForwardIterator>;


            explicit concurrent_bounded_queue( const allocator_type& alloc );

            template <typename InputIterator>
            concurrent_bounded_queue( InputIterator first, InputIterator last,
                                      const allocator_type& alloc = allocator_type() );

            concurrent_bounded_queue( std::initializer_list<value_type> init,
                                      const allocator_type& alloc = allocator_type() );

            concurrent_bounded_queue( const concurrent_bounded_queue& other );
            concurrent_bounded_queue( const concurrent_bounded_queue& other,
                                      const allocator_type& alloc );

            concurrent_bounded_queue( concurrent_bounded_queue&& other );
            concurrent_bounded_queue( concurrent_bounded_queue&& other,
                                      const allocator_type& alloc );


            concurrent_bounded_queue& operator=( const concurrent_bounded_queue& other );
            concurrent_bounded_queue& operator=( concurrent_bounded_queue&& other );
            concurrent_bounded_queue& operator=( std::initializer_list<value_type> init );

            template <typename InputIterator>
            void assign( InputIterator first, InputIterator last );

            void assign( std::initializer_list<value_type> init );

            void swap( concurrent_bounded_queue& other );

            allocator_type get_allocator() const;

            void push( const value_type& value );
            void push( value_type&& value );

            bool try_push( const value_type& value );
            bool try_push( value_type&& value );

            template <typename... Args>
            void emplace( Args&&... args );

            template <typename... Args>
            bool try_emplace( Args&&... args );

            void pop( value_type& result );

            bool try_pop( value_type& result );

            void abort();

            size_type size() const;

            bool empty() const;

            size_type capacity() const;
            void set_capacity( size_type new_capacity );

            void clear();

            iterator unsafe_begin();
            const_iterator unsafe_begin() const;
            const_iterator unsafe_cbegin() const;

            iterator unsafe_end();
            const_iterator unsafe_end() const;
            const_iterator unsafe_cend() const;
        }; // class concurrent_bounded_queue

    } // namespace tbb
} // namespace oneapi


  • The type T must meet the Erasable requirements from the [container.requirements] ISO C++ Standard section. Member functions can impose stricter requirements depending on the type of the operation.

  • The type Allocator must meet the Allocator requirements from the [allocator.requirements] ISO C++ Standard section.

Non-member functions#

These functions provides binary comparison and swap operations on oneapi::tbb::concurrent_bounded_queue objects.

The exact namespace where this function is defined is unspecified, as long as it may be used in respective operation. For example, an implementation may define the classes and functions in the same internal namespace and define oneapi::tbb::concurrent_bounded_queue as a type alias for which the non-member functions are reachable only via argument-dependent lookup.

template <typename T, typename Allocator>
void swap( concurrent_bounded_queue<T, Allocator>& lhs,
           concurrent_bounded_queue<T, Allocator>& rhs );

template <typename T, typename Allocator>
bool operator==( const concurrent_bounded_queue<T, Allocator>& lhs,
                 const concurrent_bounded_queue<T, Allocator>& rhs );

template <typename T, typename Allocator>
bool operator!=( const concurrent_bounded_queue<T, Allocator>& lhs,
                 const concurrent_bounded_queue<T, Allocator>& rhs );