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This section describes the versions that were available at time of publication. See the latest specification for updates.

oneAPI Versions Table




1.0 rev 1


















Release Notes

1.0 rev 1

  • oneMKL

    • Continuing modifications to all oneMKL domains

    • Add oneMKL Exceptions and Error Handling

  • oneDNN

    • Updated the DPC++ interoperability API

    • Added section about namespaces

  • oneTBB

    • Updated the named requirements

    • Adjusted the API according to the latest product changes

    • Improved the wording and descriptions for the flow graph API

    • Cleared build warnings

  • oneDAL

    • Extended Programming model section, added description of the generic methods and descriptors, introduced task notation

    • Extended Data Management section, introduced CSV data source, array, extended description of the tables and accessors

    • Extended description of Error handling

    • Added description of the training methods for PCA algorithm, introduced K-means initialization algorithm

    • Extended Common interface section, added description of service data types used in the interfaces of the library

    • Modified the library’s namespace

  • oneVPL

    • A lot of cleaning to remove GEN/CPU bias and implementation details.

    • New organization of structures’ description.

    • New entry point function to expose by any implementation: MFXInitialize which replaces obsolete MFXInit and MFXInitEx.

    • Interface to choose and set subdevices (mfxExtDeviceAffinityMask) for execution.

    • Header files cleaned up by removing MFX_VERSION checks (ala #if MFX_VERSION > 1.26) from headers.

  • oneCCL

    • Updated operation attributes description

    • Updated naming in API


  • oneMKL

    • Continuing modifications to oneMKL Architecture, BLAS and LAPACK domains

    • Significant refactoring and updating of Sparse BLAS, VM, RNG, and DFT domains API descriptions and structure

    • Add Summary Statistics domain

    • Add future considerations and acknowledgment to appendices

    • Change top-level namespace to oneapi::mkl

  • oneDNN

    • Added the specification for map_data() / unmap_data() methods of oneDNN memory objects

    • Extended element-wise algorithms and post operations

    • Added queries for peephole and projection weights for LSTM

  • oneDPL

    • API updates, including namespaces

    • Added detailed descriptions for execution policies, non-standard algorithms, iterator types, etc

  • oneTBB

    • Editorial review changes

  • oneDAL

    • Updated description of the public header files and namespaces

  • DPC++

    • Revised requirements to refer to the SYCL 2020 provisional specification where previous extensions have migrated to the SYCL specification directly

    • Added additional extensions

    • Added additional requirements against the SYCL 2020 provisional specification

  • oneVPL

    • Added section to specify mandatory and optional API features

    • Reformatting of entire specification

    • Bug fixes in API definitions

  • oneCCL

    • Added multi-device communication API

    • Added key-value store API

    • Extended list of collective operations


  • oneVPL

    • High-performance video decode supporting MPEG-2, MPEG-4/H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, AV1, VP9, MJPEG;

    • High-performance video encode supporting MPEG-2, MPEG-4/H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, AV1, VP9, MJPEG;

    • Video processing for composition, alpha blending, deinterlace, resize, rotate, denoise, procamp, crop, detail, frame rate conversion, and color conversion.

  • oneDNN

    • Added individual primitive definitions providing mathematical operation definitions and explaining details of their use

    • Expanded the programming model section explaining device abstraction and its interoperability with DPC++

    • Added the data model section explaining supported data types and memory layouts

    • Added specification for primitive attributes explaining, among other things, low-precision inference and bfloat16 training


  • Level Zero

    • Updated to 0.95

  • oneMKL

    • Continuing modifications to oneMKL Architecture and BLAS domain

    • Significant refactoring and updating of LAPACK domain API descriptions and structure.

  • oneTBB

    • Significant rewrite and reorganization

  • oneDAL

    • Extended description of Data Management component, added description of basic elements of algorithms, and error handling mechanism

    • Added description of namespaces and structure of the header files

    • Added specification of kNN algorithm

    • Introduced math notations section, extended glossary section

  • oneDNN

    • Detailed descriptions for data model (tensor formats and data types), and execution models


  • DPC++: 10 new language extensions including performance features like sub-groups and atomics, as well as features to allow more concise programs.

  • oneDNN: Major restructuring of the document, with high-level introduction to the concepts

  • Level Zero: Updated to 0.91. Open source release of driver implementing the specification

  • oneDAL: Major restructuring of the document, with high-level introduction to the concepts

  • oneVPL: Added support for device selection, context sharing, workstream presets and configurations, video processing and encoding APIs to easily construct a video processing pipeline.

  • oneMKL: Added USM APIs. Major restructuring of document. Added architecture section with overview of execution model, memory model and API design.


Initial public release