Versioned name: Sigmoid-1

Category: Activation

Short description: Sigmoid element-wise activation function.

OpenVINO description: This OP is as same as OpenVINO OP

Mathematical Formulation

For each element from the input tensor calculates corresponding element in the output tensor with the following formula:

\[sigmoid( x ) = \frac{1}{1+e^{-x}}\]

Attributes: operations has no attributes.


  • 1: input - input tensor. Required.

    • Type: T


  • 1: output - the output tensor of Sigmoid function applied to the input tensor. Required.

    • Type: T


  • T: f32, f16, bf16.

  • Note: Inputs and outputs have the same data type denoted by T. For example, if input is f32 tensor, then all other tensors have f32 data type.